Thursday, December 30, 2004

Another apparent suicide pact in Japan has been reported.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

32 Men kill themselves. No decrial of their fate reported.
What do all these men have in common besides being dead? Apparently they've all been arrested for looking at online kiddy porn. It seems that "many" of them were family men, so you'd think there'd be some sort of public lamentation at the death of people who leave widows and possibly even progeny behind. Aren't these people as much a "victim" of the net as the kids who are being cyber-bullied?

Please don't misunderstand me. I deplore the exploitation of children and if they did in fact pay to look at kids being degraded for profit then they deserved to be prosecuted. What i think strange are the largely silent journalists who verbally wring their hands when somebody who went out of his or her way to find information on suicide methodology goes and dies. Does their silence in regards these men mean they're too embarrassed to even touch a story that involves porn/sex? Would they raise their hue and cry if they thought these men were being told to kill themselves by reading the contents of some website? Or is it that, in their opinions, these men somehow deserved to die? If they really think the world is a better place with these men dead, then i hope in the future they'll refrain from lamentations that imply life is intrinsically precious, because if it's OK for a pedophile to kill himself, then clearly life is not intrinsically precious.