Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Normally i don't bother with the online "what kind of [fill in the blank] are you" multiple choice tests because, on the whole, they bore me.  But the results of one i tried recently actually seemed to know what it was about.  Results are below:

House Jackalopean
House Jackalopean
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Jackalopean House values originality, independence, thinking outside the box, waaaaaay outside the box! Its emblematic animal is the jackalope, sometimes shown being carried by a Yeti riding the Mothman just to tick off certain types of people. Its colors are magenta and silver foil. Bugs Bunny is the house spirit, Jackalopean house corresponds roughly to the element of Chaos.

Main magickal methods, teachings, type of divination: Chaos Magick and or Synchronistic Engineering, Enlightenment via dynamic discord, Off the wall guessing while sleepy, or just making crap up.

Most potent magickal items owned by and spaces guarded by House: Apples of Chaos fruit juicer, Ethereal Bong of Timothy Leary, Library of Uncensored Forbidden Books.

Philosophy: Life is not only weirder then you think, its weirder than you can think.