Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It seems that accused kidnapper Joseph Duncan kept a blog. Wired wrote an article about it and all the attention it's been getting lately.
Perhaps the most common sentiment wonders how Duncan's increasingly disturbed postings failed to draw law enforcement attention before his arrest.

Given that he was also apparently a convicted sex offender, that's a very good question, since supposedly the Law keeps closer tabs on people like that. But then, in a country where even restraining orders don't appear to be worth the paper they're printed on, perhaps the inattention by law enforcement officers is understandable. The blog didn't even appear to get much attention from ordinary people, either--until the media called it to their attention. Now, in addition to documenting the thoughts of Mr. Duncan, the blog also records the reactions of hundreds of people who wouldn't know him from Adam if the news hadn't brought him to their attention in the first place.

It's entirely possible the blog escaped the attention of the Law because there's such a proliferation of data on the net that it simply isn't possible to sort through every byte in search of material that potentially breaks a law, much less for any and all information that potentially incriminates a person. It's also possible that the Law was actually aware of the blog before his arrest, but if there's nothing in it that amounts to confession of a crime or a violation of a law, then what of it?

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