Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It has come to light that Carina Stephenson not only searched the web for information on suicide methods, she first disabled the nanny-ware that was on the family computer that was meant to prevent her from searching the net for sites her parents considered inappropriate.

So, let's see if i have this straight: a 17 year old adolescent (who apparently wasn't so jolly before going to Australia afterall), goes to a foreign land to be filmed for four months while living in highly primitive conditions so as to get away from whatever it was in the UK that she found so distressing, comes back apparently even worse off emotionally since she turns reclusive, at some point she disables software with the intent of finding information her parents didn't want her to see, and then uses the information to kill herself, and the suicide fora she consulted are being blamed as the cause of her death? I have to give credit to her mother for trying to be a responsible parent insofar as she had the nanny-ware installed, but if her sprog was smart enough to figure out how to disable it, why does she suppose that her "funny girl" couldn't figure out a suicide method on her own if the sites didn't exist? And given the apparently chronic nature of her daughter's problems and the apparent lack of communication between them, where did she ever get the idea that she and her daughter were "best friends"?

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Anonymous said...

A 17-year old that can circumvent censorware? My god, what is going on in this world!

People don't seem to get it. If someone goes looking for information on how to kill themselves, they want to kill themselves. They kill themselves because they want to, and any interaction with (people at) the site is a result of their death wish. Their death wish is not a result of the interaction.