Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Non Sequitors R Us
Journalist Ian Cobain demonstrated his own prejudice when he wrote this:
At its inception, the website claimed to avoid anything to encourage suicide. However, it is understood to have been passed on to another host in Washington DC, who then handed it over to a man in California, who in turn passed it to its current host, Karin Spaink, a Dutch journalist. In its current guise, the website gives a direct link to the site of the suicide postings.

That the site in question has been maintained by various people over the past several years is hardly relevant to whether or not one construes its contents as being meant to incite suicide. That it also has a link to archives of the posts made to Usenet group alt.suicide.holiday could only be construed as encouraging suicide if one believed that discussion of this topic is impossible without encouraging suicide. But if that were true then there wouldn't be much point in trying to talk AOL and Yahoo into making sure that the Samaritans always got put at the top of any search results that have to do with suicide.

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