Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Researchers believe they have found Mozart's skull (sans jawbone). Now, can someone tell me why it's acceptable for people to dig up a stranger's skull and make it part of some museum but if you or i were to put someone's skull on display in our homes it would be considered macabre if not ghoulish?


euclid said...

Hello. I'm curious as to what brought my blog to your attention seeing as it doesn't appear to show up in the google blog search engine.

Anonymous said...

It's the mystery of the link spammer, most likely. If you search Google for the first line of the comment, there's plenty more comments like these. My guess is, someone is trying to leave links to their "blog" to up the ranking in Google. After a while, they'll probably change the contents of the blog to some commercial stuff. Either that, or it's someone very desperate for attention ;)

Harvesting blogspot URLs is easy in Google, so it's not hard to automatically generate a list of sites and then spam them. Unfortunately.

euclid said...

[re: link spammer]

You're likely quite right, so i've
deleted the comment with the link
in it. I had actually followed the
link awhile back--it's rather dull