Saturday, February 23, 2008

Experian, one of the top credit reporting companies, isn't very happy with another company called LifeLock because
LifeLock's scheme costs Experian millions of dollars every year in processing large numbers of improper initial fraud alerts, mailing mandatory notices to consumers, and providing free credit reports to consumers who are not eligible for such reports
There are also, apparently, other reasons why Experian is not happy with what LifeLock is doing, too.

Under other circumstances i might actually have some sympathy for Experian, but given my experience with them hounding me for months to provide information about a company that doesn't exist simply because one of my domains has ".com" at the end of its name, i can't say that i'm sorry that Experian is being compelled to provide free credit reports to people whose records may well be inaccurate for reasons for which Experian only has itself to blame.

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